Hello All – Making that first Post!

Hello there, please bear with me as I write my very first blog post. This is probably going to end up as a bit of a ramble as I find my feet in this communication medium 🙂

My name is Paul and I am a 52 year old father of 3 who has just entered a bloody weird state of existence prompted by a wife of 27 years telling me she wants out. After some heavy soul searching and a lot of tumultuous heartache I have to conclude that this is for the best for us both, and so with a heavy heart I accept the need for a divorce and now start my journey through that process and on to the rest of my life. I may go into that further over time but it’s a bit too raw still to do so now.

The point of knowing the above is that I have, after a few weeks of real heavy emotional impact, decided that I need to try something different and to get some focus on what really matters to me from now on. My health and my well being.

This blog is one of those areas to focus on as something that I have told myself for years that I would have a go at. Writing something down for me a is a great way to experiment with and formulate my thoughts, and is really a sort of self-therapy. I have often written a long email say, that I never actually send, or just end up condensing into 1 or 2 lines and that comes from the process of writing it down the long winded raw version.

I am also realising that there are a lot of other things that I have put off or just not done and stuff I did because of the family/wife and I/we ended up in what appears to me now to be a low level state of depression (that story is for another day).

I have many interests and I may cover them all as I go on this journey with the most likely ones being on topics of Separation/Divorce/Photogtraphy/Computing/Motorbikes/Kids (in their late teens!) and just a bit on Life, the Universe and everything else! Let’s see where this goes ..

All of the photographs that you will see on this site have been taken by me and are mostly views of the place that I was born and raised in. My Photography experiences will definitely be one of the topics I shall attempt to blog about …

Still with me? Well, if you get something out of it then that is good but this is primarily, right now, for my own personal benefit …

So, there you have it!

Cheers All


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