F**k Facebook and its Ads!

Have you ever looked at the Ads that facebook spews your way? Do you know how they get their info on you? If you don’t you might be interested in finding out how and having a look at what they got one you!

There are ads on the sidebars, they are in your feed and they are in your messenger – the content reflects what you have been browsing and not just associations with your facebook activity over whatever many years you have had it for. The last straw for me has come to pass.

As my newly acquired state of Separated is slowly sinking in I have been madly reading anything and everything on relationships/divorce etc so you end up browsing a lot of crap that really is of no use but is associated with an about to divorced man … I could not really appreciate all the relationship advice shit that was coming out of facebook and other stuff that looked a bit strange and never mind that I joined what I thought were a couple of support fb groups. The point is that once I changed my status from married to separated fb had me – and my other activities these past few weeks of intense pain and hurt means that fb had me as fair game for all that shit that they threw at me.

So, as of this morning I am facebook free … it’s gone. It can fuck off into the cesspit that contains corporate greed and control. I came across this FB page along the way to enlightenment … it amused me 🙂

I used facebook a lot for photography and family stuff and just to browse sometimes, so did my (soon to be ex) wife .. I am not sure if it was a symptom or just one more of the many causes that led to my breakup – it does not matter now, I’m gone! I will find other ways to promote my stuff and I won’t miss her feed.

Second post in and you know what – I can get used to this!

Cheers All


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